Gita For The Twenty-First Century

Bhagavad Gita Universal Message

Gita For The Twenty-First Century
Book Series: OBA431
Author: Satya Prakash Agarwal
ISBN: 8178221535
Bound: Soft
Year of Publishing: 2003
Language: English
Territory: Available For Sale Worldwide
Price: Rs195 Rs176
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This latest version of Bhagavad-Gita (with slokas in Sanskrit and commentary in English) explains how the message of social service has been derived from this universal scripture. Written in a simple style, it will enable common people including high school students) to obtain a clear understanding of the teachings of the Gita so that they can work efficiently for the good of the society (and for their own good too). Keeping in mind the inter-connected nature of the various chapters of the Gita, ample cross-references are given in this book to help the readers identify the main points of this scripture`s basic message. Furthermore, a ten-point summary of this message is also made an integral part of the last chapter, in response to the feedback received from readers who had gone through an earlier draft of this book.

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