Concordance to the Principal Upanisads and Bhagavadgita

Concordance to the Principal Upanisads and Bhagavadgita
Book Series: OBA386
Author: G. A. Jacob
ISBN: 8120812816, 9788120812819
Bound: Hard
Year of Publishing: 1996
Pages: 1082
Language: English
Territory: Available For Sale Worldwide
Price: Rs1,195 Rs1,076
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One of the major difficulties in appreciating the various commentaries on Vedanta Sutras and other ancient Indian philosophical texts is that numerous citations from the Upanishads and the Bhagavadgita are found in them without any exact authenticated reference to the original source. With a view to overcoming this difficulty by providing relevant cross-references, as also to furnishing useful material to students of philology and lexicography, Col. Jacob has compiled this book. This volume owes its existence to a pressing sense of need.

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