A Critical Study of Yogaratnakara

A Critical Study of Yogaratnakara
Book Series: JA 80
Author: Dr. Nirmal Saxena
Bound: Hard
Year of Publishing: 2003
Pages: xii+230
Language: English
Territory: Available For Sale Worldwide
Price: Rs360 Rs324
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Yogaratnakara is one of the most renowned treatises of Indian Medicine. It is an extract of Indian medicine discussed in several books ranging from ancient period to later part of the 17th Century A.D. It is a compiled work and masterpiece of Indian Medical system.

This unique work aims at determining the history of different drugs when they first appeared in Ayurvedic texts, like Yogaratna Samuccaya (10th century A.D.), Yogaratnavali (1574 A.D.), Yogasara (1600 A.D.). Yogasata (15th century A.D.) and Yogaratnakara (17th century A.D.). It has given details of nadi pariksa. astasthana pariksa etc. and has also provided additional useful information regarding pharmaceutical preparations and their administration, modified prescriptions for composition and potency of drugs based on scripture, tradition and experience. It is an important source book for getting a better understanding of the history of Indian medicine and also lays special emphasis on specific diseases and their cures.

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